Wood helps fight global climate change

Fossil fuel burning associated with the mining and manufacture of cement and steel for construction is one of the factors behind increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. By contrast, growing forests capture CO2 through the process of photosynthesis which is powered by sunlight. Carbon is stored in harvested wood - Wood is the ultimate "Green" building material.

Sustainable forests, where mature trees are harvested and replaced with young trees, contribute greatly to capturing carbon dioxide, whereas in native forest, the benefits of growth are often offset by the decay of older, unharvested trees releasing their carbon back into the atmosphere.

In New Zealand some 51,000ha of Douglas-fir were either planted or replanted since 1990.

This is the base line year for the UN Kyoto Protocol which addresses climate change. Approximately 100 million tonnes of carbon dioxide will be absorbed in New Zealand in Kyoto's first Commitment Period (CP1) by forests planted since 1990.

Our Douglas-fir and other planted forests will effectively cancel out the growth in New Zealand´s emissions from the cars we drive in CP1.

By choosing wood you can do your bit for a better world, in New Zealand and globally.