Building Options

Alternative and Acceptable Solutions

For people who wish to maintain a more natural environment in their home and avoid the application of any unnecessary chemicals, Douglas-fir offers an attractive option. We strive to create and maintain environmentally-sound building solutions and use treated timber only when it adds sensible protection for high risk design features.

Douglas-fir is therefore available in two varieties -untreated 'chemical-free' and boron treated to H1.2 standard. Untreated timber is suitable for a number of building elements and applications. The treated option allows Douglas-fir to be used in higher risk building elements as well. These building solutions mean that you can use the most appropriate timber treatment across a range of building components.

See Testimonials and Technical Downloads for details including endorsements from architects and builders, as well as approval requirements.


The Department of Building and Housing (DBH) have endorsed untreated Douglas-fir as approved for use in low risk buildings see E2/AS1 Risk Matrix. . For full details of the new acceptable solutions endorsed by the DBH see B2/AS1.


Douglas-fir timber is also readily available treated to H1.2 standard the new timber treatment standard endorsed by the Department of Building and Housing DBH for enclosed timber framing.