Product Range Available

Because Douglas-fir has high natural resistance to moisture and decay, it can be used in many building applications without being chemically treated. This means much of the wood inside the home can remain ‘natural’ and free from man-made additives or treatments.

When you build with Douglas-fir, you're choosing a popular building material that has inherent natural advantages, comes from a sustainable plantation programme with environmental benefits and offers real flexibility and opportunity in construction terms.

Structural Products
  • SG 8, 10 and specialist engineered solutions
  • Visual grades
Grades Treatments Sizes Lengths

Kiln Dried
Laminated Kiln Dried
Fingerjointed Kiln Dried

Untreated and H1.2 boron Range of green and guaged sizes available up to 300x50 Range of cut to length and random length and random lengths available up to 7.2m
  • Beams available in strucural (SG) and appearance quality:
    • Cut to order
    • Sizes up to 450x200mm, lenths up to 7.2m
Other Products
  • Paneling and flooring with select grade tight know
  • Scaffold planks laminated Kiln Dried and verified strength rated
  • Bevel-back weatherboard
  • Further range of Utility and COL grades available
Logs and Poles are also available by special arrangement from forest owner members.