Who we are

The Douglas-fir Association comprises companies involved in either growing or processing and production of New Zealand grown Douglas-fir timber. Also known as NZ Oregon, it is well-known and well-utilised by industry specialists across the country. The Association was established in 2004 to co-ordinate and advocate industry-wide issues. It provides a credible and inclusive voice to promote the collective interests of Douglas-fir growers, processors and manufacturers at a national and regional level.

Contact an Association Member

Douglas-fir Association members provide a range of helpful advice, including design services and ideas on where Douglas-fir is appropriate in your building project.

Current Chairperson: Scott Gibbons, Managing Director of Gibbons Holdings Limited in Nelson. Other members include:

Sawmill Members


Gibson Timber Ltd Advice
(03) 547 7026
Taylor Timber Ltd Advice
(03) 544 7077
Waimea Sawmillers Ltd Advice / Design service
(03) 547 5621


Sutherland & Co Ltd Advice
(03) 327 8829


Findlater Sawmilling Advice
(03) 221 7310

Forest Owner Members


Nelson Forests Ltd Advice
(03) 543 8115



Ernslaw One Ltd Advice
(03) 204 8061


The Douglas-fir Association helps provide greater awareness of the Douglas-fir brand to a number of key publics. These include important stakeholders within the building industry, the regulatory sector and the greater New Zealand public.

Becoming a member means access to a number of collective resources and exclusive industry knowledge. It gives diverse industry bodies a collective voice in the development and overall perception of Douglas-fir. It also provides access to valuable information with the latest industry developments and news.