What we do

The Objectives of the Association are:

  • To stimulate increased demand for Douglas-fir through a process of education and promotion of the benefits of Douglas-fir across a wide range of uses.
  • To actively promote the sustainable, technical and economic benefits of Douglas-fir sawn timber to the consumer.
  • To create an awareness of the "chemical free" potential of Douglas-fir construction timbers.
  • To ensure that the appropriate research is carried and technical information is available to support promotional and educational efforts.
  • To get Douglas-fir reinstated in the building code in all its previous applications.
  • To promote cooperation between Douglas-fir growers, processors and manufacturers to ensure that the needs of the industry are being met, that resources are being wisely used and fairly allocated and that duplication of effort is being avoided.
  • To provide a credible and inclusive voice to promote the collective interests of Douglas-fir growers, processors and manufacturers at a national and regional level.